My Old Raspberry Patch

Sometimes I like to reminisce about my old raspberry patch.... It all started 7 years ago when my mom gave me 3 raspberry canes. I left them in my laundry room for days and forgot to plant them. My mom called to see if I had planted the berries, and so I finally went out and put them somewhere, a random spot in my yard with nothing growing on it. I'm happy to say that my gardening skills have improved some. I'm still lazy but I actually love it now.

My mom then came over to check if I had planted the berries and I told her they were in the back yard. She went to see for herself and came in to scold me about spacing. Well, I forgot about all about them after that, until the next summer when I saw my neighbor out watering them. She told me how much she loved raspberries and wanted to make sure they made it. So you mean you have to water plants??? Yep, I was lazy. I am so thankful to this neighbor because in truth she taught me pretty much everything I know about pruning, transplanting, fertilizing, and caring for all the plants in my current landscape.

Over the next 2 years, the plants blossomed into this. A full out patch. By this time, I had young kids and they loved to go out and pick berries. They could go outside and be lost in the patch. We had enough berries that they could go and pick as many as they wanted, and our neighbor could pick an occasional bowl for breakfast. It was a good thing. It was here that I realized how much I love to watch young children eat berries. The sheer joy in their eyes and the messiness of their hands and faces. It's magical.

Ever since we've moved, I've been a bit sad that I had to start over with my berries. It's been 2 years since we moved and I feel like we are so behind (berry-wise). Last year our newly planted raspberry patch was performing well. But then we decided to move it to the forest edge to make more room for our garden. And because I wanted the space to take my blueberries out of their containers. I was not born to be a container gardener. Our strawberries were plowed down by the deer and I wasn't sure if our raspberries would even make it. I was a wreck.

I kept thinking that my kids were growing up faster than my berry plants and they wouldn't get to eat endless berries while they were still young. I started thinking about how I would eventually need grandchildren to come eat the berries. Yep, I am that nuts.

Phew..I am happy to say that since moving, we may have lost a large raspberry plot, but we now have strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, fall gold, purple royalty, black raspberries, and grapes. They may be off to slow starts, but eventually we should have berry-palooza over here! I just hope my babies still love going out and eating the berries when they are no longer babies. They won't have fat hands or cheeks anymore, but I hope it's just as joyful.


Anonymous said...

I was out and checked my berry patch today. I have a ton of berries coming. And, they have made a new row all by themselves along the garage wall. You can have those if you want them. We have a ton of wild raspberries too although those only make small berries. The spinach is officially dead due to the hail. I tilled it under today and then in the afternoon planted a billion pepper plants that Mark started growing and had no room for.

Angela said...

Awesome! I might come transplant some in the fall. Do you remember what kind you have? If you get a billion peppers, remember that they freeze well. Fajitas, anyone?

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