My Birthday Gift

Look what my sister did for me on my birthday! This picture was taken almost 2 weeks after she took me to have a pedicure. I've never had polish last so long! Most likely because I run off right away and don't wait for it to dry properly.

She actually freaked me out at first because she said she wanted to do something for me on my birthday but she couldn't tell me because it was "out of my comfort zone" and she didn't want me to "back out of it." I was thinking she signed me up to audition for American Idol (WAY OUT of my comfort zone) or a Brazilian wax. Thankfully, it was an easy-peasy pedicure.

It was actually very nice, but seriously out of the norm for me. I felt guilty about how much it cost (a usual for me...spending money is tough for me, even other people's money). And I would normally say that a pedicure or manicure is truly wasted on me. I garden a lot and roam around in the forest with my kids and know what those kind of feet look like.

In any event, I want to say thank you to my sister for taking the time (and money) to do something nice for me. I enjoyed it! And I felt "prettier" wearing sandals at the to do something about all my old baggy clothes....


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