Looking on the Bright Side

I'm trying to take a cue from my daughter and enjoy life a little more. She's such a joy to do things with because she really enjoys every activity she's involved with. She smiled all the way through Disney world. She is overjoyed for every birthday party, play date, plane trip, grocery trip, and even chores. Now, she has been known to be a little lazy with chores, but she'll dawdle her way through them singing and dancing. You gotta love people like that. When I see her enjoying something it reminds me of one of the reasons I fell in love with my husband. He was fun and he knew how to enjoy the moment.

My daughter is a lot like my husband and my son is more like me. We are serious...almost too serious. And we don't make enough time for singing and dancing. My goal is to try and enjoy the moments in my life...even the crusty ones and look for the "silver lining".


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