Jon and Kate plus 8

I just watched the episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 where they confirmed that they are getting a divorce. What horrible news for that family. I was thinking/hoping that their affair rumors were created just to boost the shows ratings, but I guess I was wrong.

I did watch the show tonight for the first time in years, just because of the divorce rumor, but I really did like them in the beginning. I remember thinking they were a "real" couple just trying to make it and do the best for their children. Then Kate had a tummy-tuck. Then they kept ditching the kids with random people and taking off on vacations and spa days. That's when I stopped watching. It seems like forever ago.

And now, they just seem so different. It seems like the show is just about getting things for free and making money. I'm all about making money and getting things for free, but I'm not a fan of making it the main focus of your life. Hopefully they can get their lives straightened out and get back to some sort of normal, but I'm guessing that will all that money, it may never happen. So sad.


Emelie said...

I totally agree! That's around the time I stopped watching as well.

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