I tried Pilates

I've had this fitness DVD for over a year and today I decided to finally try it. I know what you're thinking...not using a dvd in over a year...that doesn't sound very frugal or very non-clutter forming. That's true, but the dvd was given to me (along with 8 other fitness dvds) for free over a year ago, and I just wasn't in the mood for it yet. I knew I'd eventually do it since I get bored with exercise routines easily. And once I tried it, if I didn't like it, I'd give it away. So not unfrugal and not clutter causing.

But I digress, so I tried this pilates workout in an attempt at exercise variety and to lengthen and stretch out my muscles. First off, let me say that both my children did this video with me from start to almost finish and they did a pretty good job of performing the moves. And I finished the whole video without a problem. I almost felt like it wasn't even a workout. I felt guilty afterward and thought I had better "really" workout. But since I'm lazy, I turned off the t.v. and called it a day.

Later that day I felt a little better (I had been dizzy and stressed). And the next day...my abs killed. No other parts of my body felt any different but my abs were so sore. Sore enough that I considered it a good enough excuse not to run (LAZY!!). So I'm not sure what to make of this. Is pilates just an ab workout? Are there other pilates routines that use more of the other muscles?

I guess I'll have to try a few more to find out. Until then, I guess I'm back to my usual strength training and running *sighs*.


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