Homemade Aqua Globes

We went on vacation for 9 days. I was really worried about our newly planted flowers. How could they make it 9 days? My father generously volunteered to come water our garden and flowers once or twice.

I thought about buying aquaglobes but from the reviews I read, it seemed like they break easily and don't hold very much water. So, I decided to make something of my own.

I took empty wine bottles (these are from sparkling juice), filled them with water, and shoved them into the dirt. Then I waited to see what happened. The plants slowly drank the water over the next few days. Since I put the bottles deep into the dirt, the tops of the bottles became "plugged" with dirt. The dirt in the bottle acted as a wick, allowing the pot to take water from the bottle as needed, and without dumping out.

I found that I needed to put the bottle in a different place each time I filled to insure an adequate dirt plug in the bottle.

The verdict....our plants survived! In fact, I've kept the bottles in while we are home because I'm not the greatest at remembering to water. The wine bottles worked great and they were free! I'm happy with that. Click here to see more gardening tools and tricks.


stan said...

I used a Corona beer bottle and it works great !!! Thanks

stan said...

I use Corona beer bottles and they work great thanks !!

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