Gaining Weight on a Cruise Ship

One of the first things we did on our 5-day cruise to the Caribbean, was head to the gym. No...I'm not that kind of freak. They were holding a raffle for a free massage in the gym. I'm that kind of freak! We didn't win the raffle *sighs* but we did learn from the fitness instructor that the average person gains an extra 5-10 pounds while on a cruise ship. I looked at my husband and said "not me".

Well, on the way out I saw a scale and decided I'd figure out my "starting weight". Now, I'm going to be honest with you when I say I don't think that scale was accurate. When I left I was around 113 and the cruise ship scale was saying I was 107. I know for a fact that my body does not like to be under 110 and I will get ravenous until I eat my weight back up over that number. So I was suspicious already.

A few days later, I decided to go check the scale again. FYI, these were the only two times I set foot in the gym. No working out occurred on our vacation...probably a bad thing...but we were doing things together and well, working out just isn't my husband's thing (like I really needed an excuse not to work out).

Why did I go check again? We had run out of things to do. I brought 3 books and 6 magazine and we went to every on board activity, but frankly I didn't adjust well to having no responsibilities. And I wanted to see if I had gained the 5-10 pounds. Nope. I had gained 14! Whoa!! The scale now said I weighed 121 lbs. What???? I got off and stretched (in case you didn't know that helps you lose weight...just kidding). When I go back on it said 114. So, at this point I'm not taking the cruise scale all too serious.

So what does the Wii have to say?

According to the Wii, I am now about 111 pounds. So I did not gain the 5-10 pounds most cruisers gain. In fact, I didn't gain any weight at all. I'm happy about that because the food options...well, they could seriously lead to fat gain in all the wrong places.


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