A Frugal Wardrobe

Now that I've lost a few pounds, my clothes don't really fit anymore. Mostly, my pants fall down.... When my clothes started falling off, I gave all of my original clothes away to goodwill. Then I broke into the clothes my younger sister gave me that I thought would never fit. Now those are starting to fall off. I rarely buy anything that isn't at least 50-75% off (new), so a new full-priced in-season wardrobe is out of the question.

Thankfully, I was able to find 12 size small belts on Ebay for less than $10. I am so thankful for the internet!

That helped some, but today I was able to repurpose some of the jeans that fit okay on top and turn them into shorts. Truth be told, the first pair of jeans I found on clearance for 75c at Kohls 3 years ago and I put them in my "someday" pile. Now they fit, but the skinny tapered legs were just not my thing. A pair of scissors and a super old sewing machine later, and.... a new pair of shorts was born.

The second pair I bought used at a thrift store for $1.25. I ripped the legs when my compost ball rolled over me and my pants (and knee and and thigh....) got caught in one of the screws. The rip was super ugly, but I still wore them. I know, I should really be on "what not to wear". Now they are also shorts, albeit a little shorter than I usually like.

Now I just need to happen upon a good garage sale with a lot of clothes my size.


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