Feeling Blessed

I've been trying to grow black raspberries near our forest edge, with no luck. I planted 3 Bristol raspberries last fall, and this spring, none of them had survived. I contacted the nursery and they graciously replaced them for a small handling fee. Sadly, only one has survived, and it's barely holding on. Are chipmunks to blame? Maybe, but either way I have been so sad about the berries not making it.

Well, today I was following my son on the new "trail" he made in the forest, when I spotted black raspberries. Not just the plant, but a plant with berries on it, and 2 new plants growing at it's crown. I almost cried. They were actually just off the trail where I wanted them. I felt so blessed. It was a major answer to prayer, even if I had never verbalized the request, my heart had been wanting black raspberries to grow there, and there they were, wild!

I have felt so blessed with our forest lately. I had been going back and forth with my husband about wanting to plant grapes, and I discovered them here. Just the other day, I expected just enough berries for each of my kids when a surprise 3rd berry was found. I just feel so good right now.


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