Over half of the cupboards and drawers in my house are empty. That surprises a lot of people, but I am really a minimalist at heart. I do not like clutter. It stresses me out.

We have a rule in our house that if something isn't being used, it gets donated or sold. I give away my children's clothes as soon as they outgrow them. I rotate their toys and when something isn't being played with anymore, I give it away. I give away my clothes as soon as they no longer fit or I tire of them.

Every few months I look through our drawers and closets to see if we have accumulated any excess things, and then....I give them away. It's so freeing and so nice to think that someone else might have a use for something that was just taking up space to me.


Emelie said...

wow! for me it seems a never-ending story. but you've motivated me to spend the day organizing and purging today! Stuff sitting for me could be used by someone else.

Shelle said...

You need to come to my house lol.

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