The 5 Benefits to a Traveling Husband

My husband travels every week. Sometimes he takes 4-5 flights a week, but usually it's 2-3. It's tough not having him around. We all miss him. But in the interest of looking on the bright side, I've decided to remind myself of the few benefits to having a husband that travels.

#1 We get to use frequent flyer miles and hotel points to get free vacations. We just got back from a totally free 5-day Caribbean cruise. This Free Vacation also included 6 free airline tickets! And thanks to my husband's generosity I got to fly first class on all of those flights. We should have enough points to take our whole family to Hawaii, Italy, and a 7-day Alaskan cruise all in the next few years. We're only waiting because our kids are so young.

#2 I get to use his pillow when he's gone. This probably sounds like grasping at straws, but he really does have the most comfortable pillow. And as a bonus, it smells like him for a few days. Then, sadly it smells like me. But I still steal it as soon as he's gone.

#3 I get to run the house 100% my way. This is good for someone that likes to be in control. I get to decide what we eat, what we do, what we wear, where we go. It's nice to have total control. I'm enjoying it while my kids are still willing to go with the flow.

#4 Lower grocery bills. With one less adult (and a male at that) I'm guessing we save a lot on groceries.

#5 I hardly ever run the air conditioner. When my husband is home he prefers the house to be cooler, so while he's gone I revel in the warmth.

Well, that's about it. Having my husband gone so much is mostly bad but we do have a few benefits. They truly do not outweigh the loss, but it's what he have right now, so here's praying he's able to travel less soon.


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