2 More Missing

Today we went out to check our strawberries and there were two more missing. I was so angry and broken up about it. In total, we've only lost maybe 25c in berries, but to me it was one last straw. One more thing that was out of my control.

I sat out in the sun and looked at the berries for awhile. When I told my husband, he suggested we get some traps and set them out to kill the chipmunks. I couldn't do that. I'm mad at the chipmunk, but I can't kill over a few (or even all) of our berries. I always tell our kids that the animals in the forest have a right to live there and that God provides for them. Alas, I need to practice what I preach.

But today I was endlessly unhappy. It just seemed like so many things were out of my hands. Then my husband told me that a neighbor was angry with me because I had been "shunning" her. In reality, I do need some space, and I probably didn't deal with the situation in the right way, but that was when I completely lost it. I just wanted to lay on the floor forever.

Lucky for me, karate started not long after and I had to get off the ground and get back to work. After karate, the kids and I went hunting for large stones to hold down the netting and keep the chipmunk out. I started to feel like I was doing something about it. As we were placing the stones, we had a visitor. The chipmunk!! There are 2 berries that are just about perfect and he was coming for them.

He wasn't afraid of us at all. But he was about to be. I chased him. Then he stopped like it was no big deal and I chased him some more. And I barked at him. Yes, barked! I chased him and chased him all through the forest until he finally went into one of his holes.

It felt good to yell at him. Then I finished laying out the rocks (I'll post a picture later and hopefully a picture of the first ripe strawberries that we get to eat). I felt like I finally had some control in my life and I felt better. Phew. I just hope and pray that tomorrow there will still be berries on our plants. Please, please, please, let there be berries. I just can't muster another let down right now.


Jean Stockdale said...

What a great post. I can only hope with you that strawberries will be there for the taking tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

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