Is a Flat Stomach Possible after 2 Kids?

Can you get back to your pre-baby weight after 2 kids? Well, I mentioned here that it's possible. It took me about 5 years to get serious enough to actually lose the weight, and even then it wasn't motivated by a desire to be thin. But either way, it actually happened. I was 114 pounds at my 12 week check up with my first pregnancy. I went into labor at 168 pounds. Yes, I know that's a 54 pound weight gain. Yes, 54 pounds!! Why do I remember these numbers, because the doctors harassed me about them. Maybe I should have listened, but there's no turning back.

The second time around, I was 135 when I had my 12 week visit. So I hadn't quite lost all the weight. My babies are only 17 months apart, so I had only had my son for 9 months and was breastfeeding at the time, but still I hadn't really put the effort into losing the weight.

The amazing part....I went into labor at 168 pounds. I guess my body just liked that number. Last year I was 130 lbs and right now I am right around 113.

So, what happens to a body that goes from 114 to 168 and back again? Well, I can tell you that I went from a 32B to a 38DD during both of my pregnancies. And I didn't like it. But that's just what my body did. I am now a little less than where I started in the chest department. *sighs*

And the stomach....can it ever be flat again? In my case the answer is yes and no. My stomach is fairly flat (now) and I do have definition in the top 2 ab muscles (2 of the 6-pack), but I have so many stretch marks that honestly, it so doesn't matter. And that's part of why I just never cared about losing the rest of my baby weight.

Could I have prevented the stretch marks? Maybe, but probably not. I had stretch marks on my chest within weeks of becoming pregnant (I did go to a 38DD after all). With my first pregnancy, I'll admit that I ate whatever and whenever I felt like it. But with both of them I vomited profusely for the first 12-14 weeks. And with my second pregnancy, not only was I carrying and chasing a toddler, I was careful about how much I ate because I knew I had gained so much the first time. And what happened? I still hit the magic 168. And fyi, I used cocoa butter and lotion religiously.

My second baby laid differently in my stomach as well. She protruded outward like a large watermelon (or dinosaur egg as I referred to it). I had so many stretch marks from her, that my stomach literally looked like Freddie Krueger had attacked me.

*sighs* But I digress, I have two very healthy babies and that's what matters most, right? Really, I know that's true. But I'll keep you posted. I see no end in sight for my exercise routine, so over time, who knows? Maybe my stomach will be so ripped that my stretch marks will fade away into the muscle. Maybe not, but if that ever happens, I'll be sure and post a picture. LOL


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