Best Women's Holster for Concealed Carry AND gardening!! #mothersdaygift #womensholster #2ndamendment #rights

A garden pruners in the gun "spot" - works great for both!!
I spent a long time searching for the "perfect" gun holster. My husband prefers to wear a gun at the side of his hip, but I have never found hip holsters to be comfortable. I bend at the hips, and I bend a lot - so it never works out. 

Then there are the underarm and bra holsters.  They are unique - and work well. But it's inconvenient to get at your weapon. You have to dig into your shirt - under your arm or into your bra!!!  

This fall, we bought a farm, and I needed to pick up the pace on my holster hunt. We have black bears, coyotes, foxes, ground hogs, a lot of wildlife. I need to carry in case one of the bigger animals gets feisty! That's where the Belly Holster comes in. 

If you've ever worn one of the hip bands - to hold your phone, credit card, etc - then you probably have some concerns. I loved wearing my hip band all summer long because it meant I could go out in the world without having to carry a purse, and that means I had 2 hands at all time! Woo! But, since I do so much hip bending, the hip band would ride up my chest and become uncomfortable. It would ride up my back while driving and that was annoying.

The belly holster does not move around. It stays tight on my waist - always.

I have worn this with a few different guns and I have a strong opinion about what works and what doesn't.

What works:

  • The band stays tight and is fully adjustable so it fits comfortably even if you are tiny/big.
  • It fit my S&W shield, 38 special, and Ruger LC9
  • I could bounce around, do sommersaults, dance, roll, bend all over and the gun stayed put
  • It can be worn under a shirt or over a shirt
  • It's comfortable - at least on my body type (see photo above)
  • It also has room for a full size cell phone (mine is an iphone 6), a knife, a gun, and a credit card/ID/cash
  • It can be multi-purposed. I use it while gardening (see the pruners in the photo above!,) shopping, at theme parks and more. Think of it as a WAY better fanny pack
  • Everything stays in! The phone stays in, the knife stays in - everything! And it's easy to get them back out. My hip bands were always an awkward pain to get the phone back out.
What doesn't work:
  • It is not able to hold a full S&W M&P or larger guns. It is heavy when you wear a Shield size gun. But who really wants to carry a big gun.
  • It is awkward to walk around with extra weight in the front for Shield and heavier guns
  • The snap can fall in the trigger area depending on the gun used - to remedy this, I do not use the strap unless I am holding gardening tools. 
  • It prints - a lot. At the farm, I don't care who sees my weapons. It's a good reminder to leave me alone! But in public, you need to wear a really flowy top or coat to hide the weapon. This is better with the smaller guns like the 38 special and especially the LC9 (or LCP)
  • The band will get hot and sweaty in the summer. I haven't worn this in the summer yet, but since I've had a hip band for years, I know that tight bands make sweat....

All-in-all, this is the best holster I've ever used!! It's also great for gardening. I can not tell you how awesome it is to have a pruner/scissors/knife/phone with at all times but have it safely stored and the freedom to move (without having something fall from your pockets) and to have both hands free at all times! Priceless. 

If I didn't already own one, I would ask for it for Mother's day! 

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What is the REAL secret to weight loss and health? A trip down the rabbit hole

Health is always on my mind - and I wonder if it's something the majority of people even consider. As the chaos over the election continues to grind through our society, I can't help but wonder about the intelligence of my fellow citizens.

Health means Wellness. Wellness encompasses your physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Surely, those rioting in the streets and babbling incomprehensible tag-lines can not be mentally fit. They cry about inequality but how many of them have actually witnessed or inexperienced what that really looks and feels like. Do they know how to fix it!??

Poverty does not cause illness. But people who live in poverty are generally weak in spirit - meaning they often lack the knowledge or motivation to gain the knowledge to better their situation. That is cultural, generational, and nutritional. It is a learned and conditioned experience. I grew up in extreme poverty and saw full generations of it's effect. It's not about the money. If you throw money at people conditioned to live poorly, they will spend it quickly (on the items they've been conditioned to want!) and remain poor.

What they need is a change of conditioning. And that's not something the powers-that-be want to happen. It would  mean less consumers for their cheap garbage (food, clothes, music, trinkets, name it.) It would also mean less chaos and trouble to antagonize the rest of us with - to keep us in a constant state of distraction - so that none of the important work of improving the quality of our character can be fully executed.

Along those lines - it is important to constantly divide us. Women versus Men. White versus black. Russian versus American. Old versus Young. Christian versus Muslim.


We are not separate from each other. None of us. How we are different is in our programming - how we have been conditioned to behave, our level of awareness, willingness to work/change, and our inherent skills (which vary by interests/innate abilities - not race or gender.) All of these things can be changed!

We all have the potential to do better and be more. Emotional and Mental health can not be understated, but are so personal to our experiences (and the people that have shaped our lives) that they must be tackled individually.

Physical health is so important that it drives a substantial amount of our overall health and it's effects (good or bad) can spill into all other areas. And this is the issue that predominates so much of our daily news and conversations.

How can we have optimal physical health? This is where the rabbit hole begins. If you start to really ask this question, you will find yourself on a multi-decade quest through dubious science, conflicting information, and down-right sabotage.

It seems as though the "system" we have in place is designed to keep us from being physically well. I have been reading through this information for years and have learned to never read headline news or pay attention to "fads." I do, however, read many published studies. As a biochemist and former employee of the pharmaceutical industry, I know what to look for. Where are the scientists cheating? Fudging? Where are the biases? What are the intentions? It's nasty out there. And sometimes there's really good science.

If you want a peek at some very interesting takes on the science of physical health - I suggest you take a peek at a few of these blogs:

Denise Minger
Marks Daily Apple
Ray Peat
Free the Animal
Weston A Price Foundation

The reason I suggest these blogs is not because they have all the answers - but because these people are free-thinkers. They challenge the status quo - look into the science, and try their best to encourage better wellness for all. You will gain much by reading any of these sites. Keep in mind that we all start "somewhere." If you read through the history of these blogs (meaning, start at the beginning and keep going forward) you will see the evolution in each of these writers. They each started in different places, but they constantly progress.

You will never have all the the answers. You will never "solve" the issues of health & wellness, and you  may find a lot of conflicting information (even in really well designed science!) But you can derive pretty good hints at what's key.

I've been at this for years and have progressed in different stages. I do not have all the answers, but do know enough to have really good/continual wellness. I'll give you glimpse of my "keys to solving wellness."

  • We are all unique. Nothing works for everyone. Low-carb/Low Fat may help your friend and be detrimental to you. 
  • You must be open to experimentation. Try things. If they work, keep them. If they don't, ditch them.
  • Real Food should make up the majority of your intake. Real food is food that has not been changed from its original form. Potatoes versus potato chips. Milk from cows versus soy milk. Fruits versus fruit snacks. 
  • Make food that was grown under ethical standards (and in line with the organism's natural way of life) a priority. Pasture raised animals are raised in better accordance with their natural inclinations - and there are big differences in the macro/micronutrients of their flesh. Plants grown in mineral rich soils without the use of pesticides/herbicides/artificial fertilizers may provide better nutrition to your body.
  • Avoid pollution, concentrated chemicals, heavy metals, toxic fumes.
  • Move your body EVERY day. Motion is lotion for joints. It keeps your lymphatic system operating, and it keeps your mitochondria active!
  • Lift heavy things - and keep lifting heavy things for the rest of your life. This can mean weight lifting, body weight exercise, lifting beehives, gardening, and more! Make it fun and don't over do it. You do not have to constantly progress to higher and higher weights. You do need to lift heavy enough to maintain your strength - both bones and muscles!
  • Get outside. Get sunlight. Sunlight is important for eye health (see the studies in Thailand where children were exposed to sunlight in order to cure/reduce myopia!) Sunlight is important for skin health. Sunlight is important for hormone regulation, mood, muscle/bone mass, and so much more!
  • Laugh and Have fun!
  • Remember why you are HERE in the first place. Get out and experience life. Want to do something - then do it! 
  • Do not harm other living things. Choose your actions carefully to enjoy your life without impeding the life of others.
  • Always be learning. Your brain is much like your muscles - USE IT OR LOSE IT!
  • Most disease is caused by "inflammation." In fact, most diseases are just different symptoms of inflammation. They were classified into different diseases so that we could be sold drugs to treat them. Read up on the history here: Western Diseases Their Emergence and Prevention.
  • Find your purpose - what do you love? What makes you unique? Head in that direction and things will more easily fall into place.
  • Pay attention to vitamins and minerals. Read up on the most mineral/vitamin dense foods and include them in your diet. Do not take supplements except for short term gaps/needs. Most are not what they say they are and having excess of any one supplement is apt to do harm.
  • Massage yourself regularly. You can do this with a foam roller, hard tennis ball, broom stick (painful, but effective) or through the use of your hands or those of a loved one.
  • Find "your people." These include people that love you no matter what and those that have similar interests - that you are happy to spend time with!
  • Get rid of things you don't need and resist buying more of them. Determine what you really need versus want. Determine why you "want" them in the first place.
  • Never read fashion magazines. They are garbage. They recycle/rehash the same tired material from year to year. They are full of commercials and images designed to make you feel bad. And if you feel bad, then you will seek out a remedy. Like a new outfit. Like a new perfume. Or any other garbage they are trying to convince you to buy!
  • Never stop working. This does not mean working forever at a job you hate. It means, never stop working. Have hobbies, interests, side jobs for the rest of your life. If you stop working and do nothing, you will degenerate. Our bodies are always in a state of growing/decaying. Eventually, age takes it's toll, but you can slow the decay by keeping up the growth (intellectually, physically, mentally, and spiritually!)
  • If you eat animals, eat all of them. Do not be wasteful. Eat the organs, the skin, the bones (in the form of bone broth or marrow.) This is how our ancestors kept their health - by eating all things in proportion - not just the muscle meats. 
  • Eat "less" meat. Meat is healthy for us and provides vitamins/minerals we can NOT get from plants. But it should not be all we eat. If you want to eat less meat for ethical reasons -consider eating larger animals like beef, bison, elk, venison, pork. These animals generate more meat per animal. What this means is - you are responsible for less death per pound of meat. I can feed my family of 4, 3 full meals using one chicken (and I use ALL of it.) I can feed my family over 300 meals with one cow (probably more!) Assuming we eat 1 meat meal every day - that would mean one cow would last my family almost or maybe an entire year. Over 100 chickens would need to die to feed my family for a year. Think about it.
  • Think about food in it's natural form before you eat it. For example, grabbing an apple to eat is more in-line with it's natural form than eating applesauce. Keep this in mind, especially for things like vegetable oils and flours. In nature, you would have to gather thousands of wheat seeds to grind enough flour to make cakes, crackers, and breads. Think about how many seeds have to be pressed to make vegetable oil. Is that something you could have naturally done without industrialization? 
  • Give back. Plant trees for the next generation. Clean up garbage when you see it. Help someone who is hurting. Share your skills. Share your time. Spend time with the people that matter to you. Give of yourself.
  • Eat food you enjoy. Do not waste your life eating food that tastes horrible or makes you feel bad. Yes, fast food might be "fast," but how does your body feel after eating it? Make most of your food "good food" and choose your treats carefully. Make them worth eating!
  • Do not medicate yourself with alcohol, drugs, over the counter medication, or prescriptions! Keep them all out!
  • Do not let others peer pressure you into doing anything you know is wrong. Wrong for you like a job you didn't want or wrong for you like drinking because everyone else is doing it.
  • Think for yourself. Read about how the horrors of World War II actually happened. Read about what happened to the Chinese at the hands of the Japanese. what happened to the Polish people in the the concentration camps and what happened to the Germans after the war. Read beyond what you've been "taught." That scale of evil can ONLY occur when people join together in "group think" and go along with the crowd. Independent thinkers would not stand for it! Do not let yourself be swept up in the rioting masses. Do NOT follow blind authority. Always THINK for yourself. Always choose the right thing - no matter the costs.
  • Get off the screens. Yes, the internet is amazing for getting information and for speeding our efficiency. But it's also taking us out of reality. Get out of the screens and really live every single day. See your friends. Look at them. Listen to them. Enjoy things with them. Never, ever eat while watching a screen. Enjoy the food. Enjoy your conversations. Live and enjoy your life.
  • If you are eating unprocessed food, do not limit your salt intake. Eat salt when it feels appropriate unless you are on a restricted diet for some reason. 
  • Don't forget your minerals. We traditionally got our minerals from the sea, our drinking water, and from eating mineral rich animals/plants. This has all changed. Be mindful of it and seek quality information on how to remedy this.
Best of luck!! 

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Gardening With Chickens - Tips & Tricks to Grow with Success

Chickens!!! Oh, how I love them. I challenge anyone to feed chickens and still have a bad day. They love leafy greens, berries, and grapes. And they are so grateful! They are a joy to visit and a joy to keep.

I grew up with chickens and have been stalking every flock within a 5 mile radius of my home. I've been in chicken factories (HORRID), egg processing plants, hatcheries, and have seen every type of home set-up (from mostly confined to full out wild.)

There is an absolute beauty to a flock that is well tended and loved. The birds are happy, healthy, and strong. They also produce much better food products for us!!

As an adult, I am still waiting to have my own. We recently bought a large farm, but will be using it for research/consulting purposes and not living there. That means no chickens. But....

That doesn't stop me from reading about them and planning to have them in the future. I received Gardening with Chickens for review last month and it has brought a lot of happiness to my winter.

I'll admit I had a hard time reading any of the words. Not because it wasn't well written, but because the chicken and garden pictures were so amazing.

Most of the pictures featured chickens - in all their fluffy glory, and some showcased the greenery (with chickens peeking behind the corner or toddling along behind the gardener - love it!)

The information contained in the book was useful and comprehensive, but not in a how-to guide/encyclopedia sort of way. A nice friend-to-friend guide - conversational, and fun to read. Plus chickens!!!

I only own one small shelf of books, preferring to read a book and give it away immediately - but I am keeping this one. I'll keep it out on my coffee table - to lure unsuspecting guests into discussing chickens and to sneak a peek at the chickens inside to imagine the possibilities.

This is a big deal.

Books must have amazing content/photos or be insanely useful (like The Intelligent Gardener, The Forager's Harvest or Convict Conditioning) to land a spot on my bookshelf or table space. If you have a fondness for chickens, then I suggest you look into this book. It will help you integrate chickens into your gardening - for your health and theirs! And it doubles as great home decor and a conversation piece.

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What happens when you just throw seeds everywhere??

It's almost spring...and that means seed catalogs are making the rounds! It's so enticing to collect seeds - growing new varieties, saving seeds to create the next generation of plants. I have two tupperware buckets full of seeds.

I save seeds I find in the wild. I save seeds from my garden. I buy seeds. I get seeds for free from expos and other events. But I only have a 20x6' garden. And half of that garden is taken up with permanent plants like raspberries and blueberries. So my experimental space is limited. Or at least it was....

Now that we've bought the 40 acre farm - I will have unlimited space. Actually, I have 2 acres dedicated to garden/orchard (10 acres are designated as wild prairie, 7 acres are pasture lands for animals, and the rest is forest/lake). But 2 acres feels like unlimited space!!!

Do you know how many different squash and watermelon seeds I have???? And those babies take space.

Here's the rub...I don't have a fence at the farm and it's a wilderness paradise. So many animals....  In my experience, if you plant exactly what you want, the animals will come eat it all. If you plant way beyond what you want (thinking there will be plenty to share,) the animals will still come eat it all.

We are going to test that theory. I am going plant all sorts of things at the farm - without a fence! I know that planting peas or beans is just asking for it, but I have a little more faith that pumpkins, squash, and melons can put up with some browsing. Maybe not. We're going to try anyway!

Wasteful, you say? Maybe. But seeds don't last forever. And I need to grow them on so I can collect new seeds and hopefully some quality produce.

I will be planting many trees too. I may keep those here until they are big enough to move to the farm - then I'll be caging them individually. My orchard is going to be ringed with a temporary fence (or individually around each tree) so I can start getting growing sooner than time/money will allow me to make a proper fence. Do you know how expensive fences are?? Holy crap! Anyway, lots of growing and lots of experimenting to come.

How to FINALLY get rid of BAD breath for good! Easy, Inexpensive, and you probably have the ingredients!

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Self conscious about your breath? Do you have cabinets full of mouthwashes and special toothpastes? I was and I had all that crap in my cabinets. Because I had dragon breath. Okay, I actually had poop breath. There wasn't a day that went by that my husband didn't cringe or comment about my breath. He's nice like that.

I felt horrible. I brushed my teeth twice a day - every single day. I never missed a day! I floss. I eat healthy. Blah...blah...blah. Nothing ever helped.

Human health is one of my biggest interests. I spend a lot of time reading scientific studies, checking out books, and experimenting. A key in the struggle to optimum health for me was reading Dr. Weston Price's book: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It's a tedious book, but it's insightful. Dr. Price was a dentist that was obsessed with cavities. Why did they form? Why did some people have straight teeth and others were crooked?

He thought it had to do with nutrition. And he was right. He went on the hunt for people that lived in isolated areas - that were "untouched" by modern society. These were people just like us, but without all the modern conveniences. And time after time he found that they had straight teeth and no cavities. They had less of the diseases we currently deal with as well - but looking into your mouth does give you a good sense of what's going on in your entire body.

The diets of each culture varied a lot. He looked at Europeans, Africans, Native Americans - all sorts of genetics. It didn't matter. The result was always the same: their traditional diets kept them healthy and disease free - even though the diets were not the same! Once people went into the modern world or modern conveniences crept in, they all got bad teeth (and bad health.)

It may surprise you to know that the diets were all over the board. Some of the diets featured tons of carbohydrates (in the form of BREAD, rice, potatoes and more!) Some were higher in fat or protein. But they all ate animal products. Every single one of them. And they ate them nose to tail. I throw this out there because so many people get sucked into fad diets - low carb/low fat/south beach/hcg - it doesn't matter. For optimum health you need bits and pieces from whole animals. And you need adequate exercise, stress levels, and enough calories. All your food choices should be as unprocessed as possible - with the fewest artificial ingredients possible.

Okay, enough about that. What does it have to do with breath!!!??? Well, the traditional diets kept their teeth straight and cavity free. Almost none of the people brushed their teeth - especially not in the way we think of it now.

Dr. Price said that they did not get cavities despite having poor hygiene. Think about that for a few seconds. Over and over again, he found that brushing/hygiene had nothing to do with cavities. Then what the hell are we doing putting all those chemicals in our mouth every day?

Dr. Price emphatically stated that brushing our teeth is for the benefit of others - i.e. so our breath doesn't smell like old garbage. Interesting.

What I'm about to share with you is based on experiments I ran on myself. Conventional wisdom states that we must have fluoride to prevent cavities. It's put in our water! It's in the toothpaste we buy. It's forced upon children  at school (if they are found to drink well water at home.) It's important, right? Actually, it's a poisonous waste product that lowers our immunity, consciousness, and bone density.'s what's "normal."

I no longer use fluoride toothpaste. In fact, I no longer use tooth paste at all.

A little background. I have poop breath. I guess I always have?? I didn't realize it until my husband started calling me out on it right after we got married. He made it pretty obvious that it was beyond offensive. So I started trying to fix it. It's been 14 years. I used mouthwashes. I used different toothpastes. I brushed my teeth multiple times a day. I chewed gum and ate mints. I asked for help at the dentist (talk about embarrassing!!!) I never saw a change.

Soon after my husband so lovingly brought this to my attention, I came up with ways to test my breath. I would breath into my hands, a blanket, or a sleeve - then smell the air. I would lick a clean part of my wrist, arm, or hand - then smell the area. These tests were pretty conclusive - I did in fact of stinky breath. All the time.

I took garlic, onions, beans, meat, and various other foods out of my life for weeks at a time to see if it would help. I tried drinking more water. Water with lemon. Water with lime. Nothing.

Then I had an "aha" moment. It came about when I was trying to make my own deodorant (my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 56, so I wanted to get rid of the aluminum in my life.)

I used activated charcoal in a lot of my recipes for deodorant and as I googled more about it's uses, I saw people were using it for whitening their teeth. So I gave it a try.

I don't think it whitened my teeth at all....BUT it did help my breath substantially. And my mouth felt way cleaner!

In fact, my mouth felt clean for the first time in a long time. I tried regular toothpaste again and realized it made my teeth feel slippery. It left a film - a bio film - in my mouth and it smelled bad.

I think this is a good point to start with one more piece of evidence. My sink grows black slime in it. Down in the pipes. It's gross, it's smelly, and it's called bio film. Why does this grow in our pipes? It's coming from us or the products we use, or the combination. Later on, I'll explain what happened to this sink gunk as I kept at my brushing experiments.

I originally ground up the charcoal from a deodorizer bag (weird, right) but then went on to use the powdered activated charcoal. They both work. The powdered charcoal is easier to use, doesn't leave rocks in your teeth, and is much harder to rinse out. Pros and cons. They both work well for breath freshness and teeth cleanliness. But they aren't perfect, and quite frankly aren't enough.

I brush my teeth with charcoal after breakfast and before bed. My mouth feels clean and my breath smells good for a few hours. After I eat throughout the day, a bit of staleness comes back. It's not dog feces anymore. But more of a sourness.

This is a huge improvement!!! But I found something better. Hydrogen peroxide. You know, the same stuff you use to wash out wounds. Easy and inexpensive.

Again - there are pros and cons. I use them together. I brush with the charcoal, rinse with water, then rinse with a 50/50 hydrogen peroxide/water mixture.

This combination keeps my breath smelling fresh ALL day - even after eating meals. AND it makes me wake up with reasonable breath. Not at all poop smelling. Not really even bad. That's amazing!!!

Here's the downside: I think hydrogen peroxide tastes horrible. And the taste stays. All day. Not excessively, but it's always there. I don't know why it stays. I can even taste it when I wake up in the morning. It doesn't change the way food tastes to me or anything, but every once in a while I catch a taste of it and I'm not super happy. But then I check my breath and think "hot damn!"

It's literally a miracle. And it's cheap as hell. You probably have it in your cabinet already. I think it costs less than $3 at Walmart.

A couple of things to keep in mind. First, all people are different. Maybe you are lucky and your breath never smells. If that's the case - I hate you. But seriously, if that's the case, then don't change what you're doing. It's working for you!

Charcoal might turn out to be way messier and scarier than you want it to be. Maybe you'll be sensitive to it? Maybe you're afraid you'll swallow some (even though it's routinely used in hospitals to fix food poisoning/drug overdose.)

Maybe you've read that hydrogen peroxide is bad for your teeth? If so, then I recommend you walk the toothpaste aisle and see how many tooth pastes actually contain hydrogen peroxide (hint: it's a lot - its used as a whitener.) Hydrogen peroxide (or similar products) are used in tooth whitening kits. It may make your teeth sensitive. But it doesn't do that to me. I have had no negative side effects (except for having to taste it and having a black mouth while I brush with the charcoal.)

I've been using this routine for over 8 months and I've been to the dentist twice. My teeth are cavity free. I do not have any mouth sores, gum issues, or weakened enamel. And best of all, no stinky breath. I've even noticed whiter teeth now - probably because of the peroxide and less because of the charcoal. I'll take it either way.

Do what works best for you. I just felt like I needed to share this with people. It's changed my life - it cost me practically nothing, and its given me a lot of my confidence back. I hope it can help somebody! If nothing else, have the courage to question what you know to be true. Go out and try new things - experiment - and work to make your life the best version it can possible be. Good luck!

*Consult your doctor or dentist before making changes to your health routine. I am not a doctor and this should not be construed as medical advice.

Valentine's Day Fun - For Less Money and Fewer Calories!!

Valentine's Day: Love it or Hate it? For a long time, I hated it - even if I was in a relationship. It seemed like another excuse to buy junk. Then I realized, it didn't have to be. For the last few years, we have made Valentine's Day about spending time with special people. 

Because we have children - that means including them. Our family buys a carton of fresh strawberries (in the winter!!! We make an exception for V-day.) and chocolate chips. Then we make chocolate dipped strawberries together and spend the rest of the time eating them. All told - less than $10 and super fun. 

If I were single, I'd make an effort to spend Valentine's day with my best girl friends and I'd make an effort to either make it sinfully delicious (best chocolate cake ever!) or light and fun.

If you are looking for ways to have fun - but keep it light, you may want to look into these RSVP Skinnies

I don't drink alcohol, but someone convinced me to try a virgin Margarita and OMG!!! My favorite drink. As you may know....those fruity delicious drinks are packed with sugar....and packed with empty calories. So what do you do? 

You try sugar-free alternatives. These "Skinnies" can be mixed individually and have zero calories.

Since I don't drink alcohol - I made these with water. Margaritas are my fave - so here's what I did:

I mixed a couple packets with the right quantity of liquid (as indicated on the packet.)
Then I poured the mix into ice cube trays and popped them into the freezer.

Then I put the cubes in my Vitamix.

Blended it up and poured it into glasses.
A couple of things - if you want to use your skinnies this way, then you will want to make smaller ice cubes. My blender had a tough time with the big 1/2 cup cubes I made. Oops. Also, I really felt like this needed salt. One of my favorite things about Margaritas is the lime/salt combination. I didn't make this all fancy like they do at restaurants (see the lame round glass....) so I just grated sea salt into the mix.

Without the sea salt, I wasn't too excited about the mix. I could really taste the stevia and I'm not a huge fan. With the salt - it was good and a nice refreshing treat. My kids refused to let me add salt to theirs and they liked them just as they were.

And of could  make the RSVP skinnies the way they are supposed to be made - mixed with vodka - and that's easy enough too.

They come in multiple flavors - so feel free to experiment.

I will be bringing the other flavors to an upcoming Super Bowl party since I've never tried the other types of drinks and my friends will have fun giving them a shot.

As for Valentine's day - this year I'll be at my first Beekeeping meeting. We'll have to make our chocolate strawberries for dinner, then I'll head out to learn about bees. It's going to BEE a great day!

*Free products were received for review purposes. No compensation was received. This blog does feature affiliate links/ads at no cost to the reader.
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