Karma game review

Sunday, April 17, 2016

One of the best things about having a review blog is trying out new games. My family loves to play games and it's a great way to bridge the generational divide. We recently had the opportunity to try out Karma - a card game for ages 11+.

It was fantastic. My youngest is only 10 but she was more than able to pick up the concept and play the game. In fact, she won most of the time! It was really fun. It was challenging and unique, but familiar. After you play it once, it's really easy to get a hang of it. It's probably best for 3-5 players. We have 4, and it worked really well - without being too short or too long.

I would highly recommend it. It comes in a really small box so it's also easy to travel with - take it camping or bring it on vacation.

I received a complimentary game for review purposes. No compensation was received.

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and it's time to take a quick look at the garden beginnings. Everything looks so dead in winter and early spring, so any green gets me excited. Here are some tulips I planted near the garden.
 The rhubarb is starting to unfurl. I am so excited to see that it made it through the winter. I have 3 patches of this but only two are up now - the one deep in the forest will probably take a little while longer to wake up.

 The thyme looks like it never even noticed winter.
 The garlic chives look so spindly and weak. They were little all last summer too. Hopefully this will be the year when they take off and become big and overgrowing like their onion chive cousins.
 When I saw this growing near my blueberries I wondered what happened? Since it was in a straight line I knew it had to be planted and not wild. I did plant ramps in this location but that was 3 years ago and they take a whopping 7 years to germinate. I think I must have planted some china stripe garlic here. Yay!
 Onion chives - up and ready to grow. The Egyptian walking onions are up and growing too. I have not yet seen the "new plantings" from last year but the oldies are coming up with gusto.
 This is one of the blueberry bushes I cut in two. Both bushes are budding and I hope they have enough usable to roots to put up new growth and survive. This was my first time cutting a bush in two - it was super hard and back when the world was frozen. Tough times...
 A look at the 3 garden blueberry plants. They look like garbage. I hope they can spur some new growth and lots of it.
 Oh...but the new rescued blueberry plants look worse. They received a lot of foot traffic because of their location and small hidden size. One has no branches left at all! Let's hope they send up new growth.

 Grapes looking like dead sticks....
 Another rescued blueberry.
 Another stick grape
 The Northsky blueberry - a forest dweller that survives well but produces few berries (or they are all taken by forest creatures...)
 The other half of the cut in two blueberry
 This is what brand new honeyberries look like in the spring. They were the first to get swollen buds. They are starting to get ready to leaf out. I hope they put up some new growth and am anxious to see their flowers (and of course try the berries.)

 They are still so little....
 All of the currants have started to leaf out. Phew! Their canes look in bad shape and they are in desperate need of new growth.

 Look at this one - the white currant. It was rotted inside. I cut it down to the ground. This is all that exists of the plant. It is budding. Please send up some new canes!
 I have planted beets, peas, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, all the flowers, and purslane in the garden. I have started everything else in soil blocks for the first time.

I am a little worried about the soil blocking. It has so much promise....but it's difficult and it's hard to keep the blocks moist. I am anxious to see them germinate and to see how well it goes.

I planted the garden, but it was haphazard. I found it very difficult to work around the straw that I put down for mulch. But last year's "no mulch" plan did not work well. I have noticed a lot of straw seedlings. Oh boy.

Everything was planted but it is sporadic and wild. I am anxious to see how the plants come up. I am going to be working the seedlings into the mix by mid May. By then I should have an idea of how things are growing and as my beets, spinach, and peas fade away, the trombocino squash, watermelons, cantaloupe, and cucumbers will take over their space.

I will be planting runner beans near the tomatoes (no bush beans this year, for the first time EVER) and plan to keep the hay straw in place as a mulch. I put down copious amounts of rabbit manure last fall and will be getting Sea Kelp for mother's day (shhh.... it's a surprise!) I am hoping to increase the fertility issues we've suffered in the past.

I know from last year not to look for my asparagus until mid May - plus it was moved last year. I am still hoping it transplanted well and will be successful this year and in the future.

Like always....we'll have to wait and see....

Silicone Nipple Pasties - Lady Prestige Review

One of the main reasons to wear a bra is to cover your nipples while wearing clothing. It's a really big problem and if you regularly wear a bra, then you are probably oblivious to it.

But, if you need to go braless in a strapless dress or something similar, then you're kind of stuck. Or are you? I recently had the chance to review these nipple covers and was really impressed.

They are self adhesive (and restick up to 25 times). They feel like the chicken cutlet inserts that you can buy to enhance your bust, but are thinner and more manageable. They are comfortable while wearing and do an excellent job of providing nipple coverage.

They do add "roundness" to your shape so if you are male and want to use these, they will accentuate  a breast like shape - on a woman it's not that big of a deal. It just looks round and normal. 

Definitely something to consider for summer.

I received a complimentary set for review purposes. No compensation was received.

Bag heat sealer review

Friday, April 15, 2016

I am all about food storage. I like things to last and hate waste. So when I had the chance to review this bag sealer I went for it.

First off, it works great. It really does seal a bag and does a good job. My son really loved it and ended up sealing every bag in the house. And that's the only downside. Once you seal a bag, you have to cut it back open. So if you are going to open it again the next day, it doesn't make sense to seal it. For longer term storage, it's great and I would use it every time.

It's easy to use and it's small and portable. It's a good product and I was happy to try it.

I received a free product for review purposes. No compensation was received.

Gogyre G10600 portable charger with Boston battery Review

If anyone in your family uses a smartphone or tablet, then I'm going to recommend you consider a power bank.

We received a battery power bank for review purposes and couldn't be happier with it! It's much smaller than your typical battery bank but holds an impressive 10,600mAh of charge.

That's enough power to charge a smart phone multiple times and a tablet a couple times. The unit charges with a standard usb cord and uses usb outlets to charge your devices.

The product works great and is a life saver when you are out and about and out of battery! It's also super thin and compact.

All in all, it's a great product for the price and super useful.

I received a free power bank for review purposes. No compensation was received and no affiliate links are found in this article.

12W Led grow light review

If you want to start seedlings indoors, then you will need a grow light. Unless you own a greenhouse or endless window space. But windows usually cause leggy plants (as they reach for inadequate light) and most of us don't have greenhouses. Or the space to set up a huge light rack.

I recently had the opportunity to review this LED grow light - it screws right into a regular lamp bulb space. I just popped the bulb out of my office lamp and popped the grow lamp in it's place. It really helps seedlings get a good start and even helps ailing houseplants get a lift when they've been sun deprived for awhile.

It's inexpensive and easy to use. Plus it's LED so it's more efficient than a typical bulb. When growing season is done, I pack it back up into it's box and put my regular bulb back in - easy.

The only downside is the small coverage area. It covers a good 1 ft square with adequate light. Beyond that and you will need more than one bulb.

I received this bulb for free for review purposes. No compensation was received.

Freeweight Training Anatomy Review

Monday, April 4, 2016

I love to read fitness books. Even though much of the info is the same, you can usually pick out one or two nuggets of truth and that makes reading new books worth it. 

I recently had the chance to review the book: Freeweight Training Anatomy. It's a short book with an attractive cover. In fact, it has such a nice cover that it works great as functional decor in a gym setting.

The information contained in the book is useful and interesting. There are a bunch of exercises covered and the book highlights the main and accessory muscles that are used. 

It was pretty comprehensive and covered most of the main exercises, but did not cover as many bodyweight big moves like pullups, handstands, leg raises, or full bridges. 

Some of the information surprised me. There were exercises I did for my lats that really were only using pecs. That was good to learn. I am keeping this book for when my son starts weight training so he will know which muscles he works to prevent overtraining or injury.

All-in-all, it's a good book with good illustrations and is reasonably comprehensive.

*I received a complimentary book for review purposes. No compensation was received. 

What if I Fall Oh but my darling what if you fly , Inspirational quote print, Wall Art Print 8 x 10 inches UNFRAMED Poster reviiew

Sunday, April 3, 2016

For years, I let my children decorate their own rooms. They were the ugliest rooms in the house... Now that they are growing up and we may be thinking about downsizing, I've encouraged them to get their rooms in order.

That's where this handmade print came in. I am working on a black & white themed room for my daughter and this print worked perfectly. It's such a great quote. It's stylish and it is versatile. I am going to frame this in a matted frame but you could use it in so many ways.

It came wrapped up artistically and is just a really great and unique piece. Both my daughter and I are very happy with it.

I received this print for free in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was received and no affiliate links are included in this article.

How To Prepare For An MRI

Friday, April 1, 2016

How To Prepare For An MRI

Being told by your doctor that you need an MRI can be a little intimidating. Many people have fears of getting an MRI done. To ease the stress of the procedure, there are tips that can be used to help you prepare and understand what the process is and how to get through it. Below are some tips and information to prepare for an MRI. 

Safety Tips Before The MRI Procedure

There are certain conditions that need to be noted before the possibility of an MRI. The strong magnetic field may keep some people from being able to receive the exam at all. Some of the most common conditions that would result in a cancelled MRI are artificial heart valves, pacemakers, kidney problems, pregnancy and claustrophobia. Additionally, all valuables should be left at home and a list of your current medications should be brought with you to your appointment. 

What To Expect During The Exam

There is not much actual preparation for the exam itself. Be sure to continue to take your medications as you normally do unless your doctor tells you otherwise. There are very few dietary restrictions for an MRI exam. If you need to follow these restrictions you will be notified prior to your appointment about them. If you do not want to change into hospital garments, then you should be sure that your clothes not have any metal fasteners or any metallic design on them at all. The length of the procedure will vary but the typical time frame for each body part is approximately 45 minutes. 

After The Exam

Once the MRI scan is complete you will be free to go home. If you had dye injection used, then the IV will need to be removed out of your arm first before you leave. While very rare, some patients will have allergic reactions to the dye used. If you have any symptoms such as hives, loss of breath or rashes you should call your doctor or go to the nearest hospital to be checked. In the event that you had to be sedated for the exam, you will be sent home after awakening and will need someone to drive you home. 

While you may be able to prepare on your own for an MRI procedure, sometimes the best preparation is to choose a great center to get your procedure done at. There are many imaging centers in NJ to choose from and the center and services found at middletownimaging .com is a great option to consider. 

Awesome Slackline Kit with Training Line Review

Monday, March 28, 2016

Need to add some fun back into your workout routine? Or maybe you just want to have fun with your kids outside? Slacklining is something you might want to look into. I had the opportunity to review this awesome Slackline kit.

It comes with 2 lines (1 for training, hold onto up top and 1 for walking on). If you need to let go of the top line and still can't hold your balance, then a recommend using hiking poles. Then drop them when you have it steady.

It's tons of fun and best of all the kit comes with EVERYTHING you need (except a set of poles.) It even has tree guards which I really respect. There's no use going outside to have fun if you are going to damage nature in the process.

I bought this product for a discounted price.

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