Suaoki Led Camping Lantern Light Flashlight Review

We love to go camping. It's a great time to unplug from everything and spend some time outdoors. But gear is important. You want to be able to stay warm, safe, and comfortable. Seeing at night is a big deal. That's why I said yes to reviewing this Suaoki Led camping light. It's super compact (it folds down!), can hang from the tent ceiling, and uses easy AA batteries. It puts out a good amount of light for the size and the batteries last a long time (LED.) It's a great thing to bring with on a camping trip.

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HandyMate Magnetic Wristband review

For the first time in years, our house is almost complete. All the walls have been decorated, the curtains made, decor selected. Some rooms took years to finish. I usually wait until I find the right piece at the right price. That means visiting thrift stores, garage sales, etc.

Then I wait until my husband is willing to help hang things. Whenever he puts up art, he puts the nails or screws in his mouth and than muffles to me what he needs next. It's kind of gross. And really irritating. So I was happy to give the
HandyMate magnetic wristband a try.

 It straps around your wrist and holds all your magnetic items. Technically, its strong enough to hold onto tools but I found that cumbersome and annoying. It did a great job holding onto nails, screws, even little brads and brackets that were constantly getting lost in pockets.  My husband felt it was just as easy to put them in his mouth (gross!) but I liked this way better, especially when working alone. Its saves a lot of trips up and down and a lot of drops.

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Hillary for Prison - Spread the word!

This election has got to be the most insane one I've ever witnessed! I'm not a supporter of Trump, but I am against everything that Washington currently stands for. Hillary is a big part of the problem. She has and is willing to sell the American people to the highest bidder. Her family has made millions off of the policies she helped enact.

She has broken laws, breached American security, and takes millions of dollars in "special interest" funds. She is a crook if there ever was one.

That's why I'm happy to put up this sign in my front yard. Trump is not the type of person I would want to run my country but Hillary belongs in jail.

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PinPals Review

I love to get babies gifts that use their imaginations and their bodies. For first birthdays, I either buy ride on toys or some sort of hand/eye toy. These pinpals are great for this purpose. They require hand/eye coordination. They use the whole body (get up, roll a ball, start over) and they are so super cute.

These make a great gift and are bound to bring joy to any little child.

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Ultimate Squat Review

You CAN exercise at home and get a quality - physique changing workout. You do not need any extra equipment, but having a few pieces can make it more enjoyable and speed up your results.

I like trying out new fitness equipment, so I happily accepted the offer to review the new Ultimate squat bar. It's a pretty simple device - a bar and two straps.

It's used to perfect your squatting technique. For anyone that lifts weights regularly, this will sound absolutely ridiculous! But I have tried over the years to teach various middle aged women how to squat and it has been difficult for them to get the technique right. In fact, it's been dangerous.

That's where this piece of equipment shines. It teaches proper form and keeps new exercisers from hurting themselves. But.... you must have the right door to use it. All of my doors - except one - were spaced to close to the next wall to be used with the ultimate squat. The one door that had ample space on both sides was a bedroom door in the middle of the hallway. Not the place I want to do my workouts.

I know how to squat so I would not have bought this for those purposes. It also has merit as a way of safely adding resistance to your squats. The bands provide about 20 lbs of resistance - which is better than nothing but not by much. Our legs are big and powerful and can/should squat high volumes. 20lbs may be a great start for an older woman that has never really exercised before, but it's garbage for young healthy people.

The good news is you can clip the resistance bands off and on. I clipped on some of my heavier resistance bands and could use the squat bar with them. Easy enough.

I also found it to be useful to provide resistance to a hip thrust. In this case, you need a heavy object to hold down the resistance bands - I used our gymnastic horizontal bars - probably not something the average person has lying around - but in order to use it you need something heavy to hold down the resistance. I like it for this use and that would be the primary use in my home. I have no problem squatting with heavy barbells so that's what I'll stick to. If you are new to fitness or do not know the proper way to squat - then this could be a very useful device for you.

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DR Magnum Magnifying Glass 3x 45X Review

Ever had to use a magnifying glass? It's such a unique experience. I've only had to use them for detail work and for experiments like fire starting, but my father needs one for reading.

I gave him this Magnum magnifying glass to try out for this review. It has a lot of great features - especially the 3x and 45x options. The built in LED lights allow it to be used in the dark and the handle is comfortable to hold. It is relatively lightweight but reasonably durable.

I would buy this again.

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#liveinfinitely Set of Resistance Bands Review

There is NO reason to work out at a gym and pay for a monthly membership unless you are a professional bodybuilder. Even then, it's probably worth it to get the equipment you need at home. But... if you are going to work out at home, you do need some equipment.

Yes, you CAN get a quality physique and great health using just your own body - but we're human - we like fast results and we get bored. So having a little bit of equipment an have a big impact on your psyche and your results.

I like fitness and have owned all sorts of equipment through the years. I've had many, many resistance bands so I have a lot to say about them! Namely - they need to have heavy resistance - do not waste your time/money on 2 and 5lb resistance bands. They will never be used.

They have to be strong! I have had many resistance bands snap and break. You can tell which bands those will be from the beginning. There's a cheapness to the rubber. And they have to have good connections (the clips and straps.)

This set from LiveInfinitely is the BEST resistance band set I have ever had for strap quality and clip strength. It also has really nice resistances - going up to 40. The hands down best part though is the fact that the bands are LABELED. Why don't other resistance band companies do this?
This makes it the best set ever - look at the picture - easy to read numbers and a nice thick  strap and clip.  The straps are nice and thick for your hands and ankles too. The only place these bands fail is in the door strap. It's thin and worthless.

Look at the door strap - there's a little marble inside the strap that's supposed to hold it in the door. It's worthless. I have resistance bands that come with a big "wheel" at the end and those are the bomb. They actually stay in the door and can withstand all the pressure and pulling.

Also - there is only one ankle strap. For most things, that's okay but it seems a lot like nickle and diming. I've never had a resistance band set that only came with 1 ankle strap.

Even still, I think the bands more than make up for it, and the ankle strap is still the best strap that was included in a set (I recently tried a set of stand alone ankle straps that I thought were amazing and will never keep the straps from a set again.)

Bottom Line - I would recommend these as they are the best resistance band set I've ever owned (and I've tried at least 6!)

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Stainless Steel Milk Pitcher Review #xchef

I love everything about food - the cooking, the preparing, the eating. So when I have the chance to try out new kitchen gadgets, I'm all about it. If you're a big drinker of warm beverages like lattes and tea, then you are probably familiar with frothed milk.

It turns out (like everything) that frothing milk works better if you have the right equipment. And that's where you would use this stainless steel milk pitcher.

When it's not being used to make frothed milk, you can use it as a measuring cup (for liquids) and even as a pitcher for drinks. It's really petite and I could see a young girl running off with this and using it for her tea parties. It's kind of the perfect size.

Since it's stainless steel - it will last for pretty much ever and is a breeze to clean up.

I received a complimentary pitcher for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.

Egoz Peanut sleeping bag review

One of my favorite things about owning a blog is getting to try out new products. We are a very outdoorsy family and there are a world of products out there that make the outdoors even more fun. Tents and sleeping bags are some of those items!

We were offered the Egoz Peanut sleeping bag for review.  It's a lightweight, army green adult sleeping bag. The absolute best benefit of this bag is the compactness. It was easy to rollup and store - it was very lightweight to carry.

It has a temperature rating between 30-40degrees making it very comfortable and warm in the summer. But.... since we live in the frigid North. I generally like my sleeping bags to have a lower temp rating. We sometimes camp in the fall and winter and need our bags to have that capability.

Those types of bags are usually very heavy. Compared to the "typical" 30-40 degree bag - this one weighs in a bit lighter and is a much more flattering shape. It feels more modern and really cradles the body in a comfortable position. It's an excellent summer tent for outdoors and a fabulous all-year-round sleepover or visitor tent.

I received a complimentary sleeping bag for review purposes. No compensation as received. This article may contain affiliate links and ads.

Tiger nuts smoothie mix review #tigernutsusasmoothiemix

Tiger Nuts! What are they? Ever seen them in the store or have you foraged for them? Say what??!! Since I regularly eat and forage for wild foods, I am familiar with Tiger nuts by their regular name - nutsedge.

They are not a nut and they are not related to felines in any way. They are root nodules of a grass plant. Totally edible (and used for generations) and considered an invasive weed in suburbs across the great USA.

I first encountered nutsedge growing among nicely manicured shrubs of a private residence. I smiled when I saw it because regardless of what the homeowner does, it will most likely be there for a long time, and it's perpetual (rhizome) growing habits make me happy. Since it was private property, I did not pull it up to taste. But if I find it in the "wild" I will definitely try the roots raw.

Thanks to Tiger Nuts USA - I don't have to wait to try them. They sent me a smoothie mix made from tiger nuts. It looks and smells like flour or maybe protein powder.

The directions on the package were rather vague - just mix with water, ice, fruits and veggies. So I used it like I would use protein powder. I added a 1/4 cup of the tiger nut flour to strawberries, a banana, and a cup or two of water.

The smoothie was fantastic! I am super impressed. Reading the package, I have someone unhappy that the mix contains maltodextrins (sugar.) It also contains sunflower lecithin (why not just sunflower meal?) and some antioxidants to prevent it from going rancid. I am going to explore their other products and buy a box of the raw tiger nuts - just the nuts - so I can grind them myself for smoothies or recipes. I like things in their natural form.

But - I am really impressed with these and am excited to know they grow wild (though sparingly in the suburbs) and they actually taste good. Not all healthy or wild items taste good so this is a big deal.

I received a complimentary smoothie mix for review purposes. No compensation was received.
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